Rules and Scoring

Tournament for Life Pro-Am format

  • Each group will consist of (1) one PGA of Canada Professional and (4) four amateurs
  • Each player will tee-off on each hole. After teeing off, the group will decide what shot they believe was best and will bring their ball to the location of the best shot. They will keep following that format until a ball goes in the hole. The team will proceed to mark just one score down for that hole based on how many strokes it took to get into the hole.
  • The group may use the PGA of Canada Professional’s first shot whenever they wish throughout the round.
  • Each PGA of Canada Professional will play their own ball and will keep their own score
  • If the Professional’s score on their own ball is lower than the team score on that hole, they may write down the Pro’s score for that hole.

Please note: The club requires players to wear soft spikes. If you do not have soft spikes, they will be available at the course for a small fee.